Girls’ Day Out

The girls had their coats on as soon as I asked if anyone was brave enough to come out with me on this windy day…..
They were so happy about being chosen that they didn’t even ask where we were going…



They might have been hoping for something a bit more exciting but their first job was to see how the vegetable patch was getting along..

It really is windy.. it’s nearly blowing me over ! What are these Mum ?
…and should there be so many weeds in there ?

Well, no, but it’s been a very mild winter and everything, including the weeds has just kept growing. They’re onions by the way girls 🙂

The rabbits have eaten all the leaves off this big red onion !

They have …but that’s a beetroot and they love beetroot leaves. We should pull this one up soon, it’s just right.

I don’t know how you can tell Mum under all these weeds !
Do rabbits like to eat these as well…something’s nibbled little holes in them ?

That’ll be caterpillars, and yes, if we didn’t have nets over them the rabbits would like to eat them too !

Well I’m having a sit down for a bit. I know what these are…I picked some last year
These are strawberries aren’t they…and they have flowers on them !!

It’s like the weeds….everything thinks it’s Spring…. It’s been a very unusual Winter this year. Time to go home now girls – back in the car!




Well that was all very nice but next time I hope we get to go shopping 🙂