Today we had work to do..

We all went to Mum’s allotment to help out
Joe helped to dig holes for the broad bean seeds
Caleb raked over the top to protect the seeds
John worked really hard planting sugar snap peas
…then disappeared for a while to the end of the allotment where the frog pond is…he didn’t disturb them but he did see something that gave him an idea.
Maybe it really is Spring because John has got a twinkle in his eye for someone 🙂
Then Joe went off to be a jungle explorer ..



..and Caleb went and sat on a big hill and pretended he’d done all that digging to plant potatoes. Well he didn’t ! He only sat there with his trowel – we did all the work !


After all the messing about we had to do some serious work and we picked leeks and cabbages – some of them were really big and we all had to carry the biggest one together.

We’re all a bit tired now…..


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