Saturday is Allotment Day..

Another scorcher today but the weeds don’t care, so new boy (unnamed) and I, set out to clear weeds from around the cabbages, strawberries, beans and squash. We cut down the broad beans , but left the stalk to rot down and release nitrogen and brought our pickings home for freezing. New boy wanted 2 magic beans to show off to his new friends when he got home…..he hasn’t met the family yet….he just emerged from the parcel depot this morning 🙂 He worked hard and earned a break and a nibble .. he can stay.

5 thoughts on “Saturday is Allotment Day..

  1. How wonderful to actually have an allotment and to harvest your own fruit and vegetables. I remember in years gone by of having a good sized vegetable plot within my home’s large garden but have since moved and downsized twice and now only grow Runner Beans (as I only like these when they are small and tender) and the shops and supermarkets let them grow too big and stringy for my tastes.
    Your new lad looks very handsome here.


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