Joe’s photoshoot on the allotment..

It all started when Joe and I watched Monty Don on Gardener’s World telling us it was time to cut back the herbs to encourage a good crop for next year and to prevent them getting all ‘woody’. Well, we had a look at the thyme and marjoram and they are getting a bit woody and they are covered in flowers, but they’re also covered in bees and butterflies. We think we’ll leave them for a while and let the insects enjoy them. It provided a great opportunity for Joe to get some close up shots of bees though, at least he thought it did…

Joe found himself a good spot in the middle of the marjoram where he thought he might get a good close-up shot of a bee…
Nothing happened, so he thought if he held a flower that would definitely bring a bee to him…
So he picked a flower and held it still for a long time and a bee did come a bit closer….
..and a bit closer….
…and flew away.
20160729_135706 Joe tried his hand at ‘still life’. He swears he could see it growing.
He was very still watching the hole in the top of the mole hill. But nothing came out.
So he climbed up as high as he could go to get a better view..
He was very glad these were thorn-less blackberries..
What he saw was a very mysterious and uncharted jungle area. Can you see me now? he asks..
Well how about now ? 🙂

 I found a beautiful butterfly in here ! We better start packing up though, I think the weather’s changing…..

I’ll just pick us a lettuce for tea..

And do you think these tomatoes are ready yet ?

No? Ok, I’ll jump in the basket ready for home…Can I take this broken bird’s egg shell I found? I want to show the new boy 🙂

4 thoughts on “Joe’s photoshoot on the allotment..

  1. This post makes ME want an allotment of MY own… but know realistically that I haven’t the physical strength to cope with one…so will just enjoy seeing your weekly visits here.
    Have already had FOUR good meal crops from my Runner Beans so mustn’t complain about not being able to pick, cook and eat fresh produce.

    Hope that Joe gets his ‘bee’ photos on his next visit with that very smart camera.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You’re way ahead of me with your crop of runner beans, Kendal. I’ve had to start over 3 times because the first 2 plantings were eaten down to the ground by rabbits. I’m just getting decent sized beans now thanks to a lot of chicken wire !


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