Busy day for the kids…

Joe and Hannah volunteered to help out on the allotment this week. The first job, early in the morning to beat the hot sunshine, was to dig up some potatoes and make room to plant something else. They both think that they dug up the most potatoes. And that was just the beginning……

We needed to make room to plant some leeks. We bought these all ready to plant from a clever man in the market. 60 of them. 20160806_110224There’s a special way to plant leeks that Hannah wanted to learn. But first Joe needed to check that we had 60. That job was the most important, of course.20160806_113438Hannah made lots of holes (a few more than 60 in case Joe got his counting wrong) with the handle end of a rake. Then asked what she should do next…20160806_113238The trick is to just drop them in the holes….20160806_113325Like this ? Perfect. Now fill up all the holes, please 🙂20160806_113500Joe needs to help me to fill all these holes. It could be a competition !20160806_114747I’ve done all these…look, I’m really fast !20160806_114805Well I’m just as fast, if not faster !20160806_114741Ok, well now let’s see who is the fastest at watering them all… it’s called ‘puddling them in’….I KNOW I’ll beat you at this  – my watering can’s bigger !20160807_170910And so it went on. But trying to beat each other at eating the most plums was where they gave in and agreed there’d be no more competitions today. Just as well. Time to go home 🙂

One thought on “Busy day for the kids…

  1. I’m really enjoying these ‘The Good Life’ posts.
    I’ve never actually grown leeks as I’m not that keen on them but have always had a good crop of onions. Looking forward to seeing the leeks when harvested.
    I too ‘puddle’ my plants in.


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