Bean pickin’

The beans pods are turning yellow and dry and perfect for podding. We’ve podded and frozen lots of beans over the last few weeks and today we picked another basketful along with a few raspberries, the last of the outdoor chili peppers and a small cabbage. 20160924_123852The kids thought they’d worked hard all morning, climbing bean poles and braving prickly raspberry canes so they climbed into the basket for a rest and said they’d never bean so comfortable.20160924_123230These are funny little beans !20160924_123223They can’t have many beans in them. I’m going to try one and see if they’re nice…

I really think you should check with Mum first ! 20160924_123212

And luckily he did. Instead the kids made campfire tea with their very own Gwenda kettle they’d brought from home. It was a very breezy day today and the fire took a while to start but soon they had  a fire and a cup of tea to warm them up.

It’s bean a very nice day, they both agreed 🙂20160924_120524


Harvest time

20160918_125054Joe and Hannah came along to the allotment to help me pick beans and pumpkins today. The spirit was willing but there’s only so much a 16″ vinyl kid can lift and pull. There are so many berries to pick we don’t know where to start…20160918_125215We picked sloes too but the kids are too young to understand what we do with them.

They were keen to see how big the pumpkin was….and what colour it was….would it be orange enough ? 🙂20160907_170748Yes it would !! They took their mini pumpkins along for comparison. The little ones are for their Halloween party. Now, if it’s ready to pick, how will we move it ?20160918_122140Well I can lift the little ones…20160918_122128I don’t think I can lift this by myself………Mum ?20160918_122121Ok, now what do I do ?20160918_122700Hannah ….?20160918_122825How do we do this ?20160918_122832Puuuullll!!

The beans were a lot easier. Again it just needed a little cooperation..20160918_124831I can pick them if you can catch them20160918_124905Ok, that’s filled the basket so that’s enough for today.20160918_124749Let’s check the tomatoes……yikes…what’s happened?20160905_133907They all got blight…every single one had to be pulled up and burned…..the kids didn’t have to pick them, Mum did it this time. No chutney this year. This was a few years ago…

Nothing like that this year. Ah well, there’s always next year.

So we had another bonfire 🙂20160814_131822