Harvest time

20160918_125054Joe and Hannah came along to the allotment to help me pick beans and pumpkins today. The spirit was willing but there’s only so much a 16″ vinyl kid can lift and pull. There are so many berries to pick we don’t know where to start…20160918_125215We picked sloes too but the kids are too young to understand what we do with them.

They were keen to see how big the pumpkin was….and what colour it was….would it be orange enough ? πŸ™‚20160907_170748Yes it would !! They took their mini pumpkins along for comparison. The little ones are for their Halloween party. Now, if it’s ready to pick, how will we move it ?20160918_122140Well I can lift the little ones…20160918_122128I don’t think I can lift this by myself………Mum ?20160918_122121Ok, now what do I do ?20160918_122700Hannah ….?20160918_122825How do we do this ?20160918_122832Puuuullll!!

The beans were a lot easier. Again it just needed a little cooperation..20160918_124831I can pick them if you can catch them20160918_124905Ok, that’s filled the basket so that’s enough for today.20160918_124749Let’s check the tomatoes……yikes…what’s happened?20160905_133907They all got blight…every single one had to be pulled up and burned…..the kids didn’t have to pick them, Mum did it this time. No chutney this year. This was a few years ago…

Nothing like that this year. Ah well, there’s always next year.

So we had another bonfire πŸ™‚20160814_131822



4 thoughts on “Harvest time

  1. Such a super pumpkin and bean harvest but what a shame about those tomatoes. Maybe what you do with the sloes will soften the blow? Well done to the kids for being so helpful.


  2. Oh what a shame about those tomatoes! All that planting, caring for and growing for nothing. (Rather a pity too that it isn’t closer to November 5th for the bonfire but ‘blight’ is better burnt asap!)
    Still you were able to harvest the pumpkins, Runner Beans and the berries so all was not lost. That pumpkin looks the perfect size and colour for Halloween.

    (I am still absolutely fascinated by the underfoot grassland. Such a variety of textures and green colours intertwined which makes for a such a super-natural background.)
    Your photography is just wonderful so may I ask which make and type of camera you use?

    Attractive stitching on the back of Joe’s jean pockets and I noticed that Hannah is wearing the hair headband that was recently mentioned.
    Missed doing a jigsaw this week!


    1. Thanks Kendal, I’ll organise a jigsaw soon. The weekend just flies by and now I’m back at work with aching arms from lots of digging and weeding yesterday. The grassland is what happens when you let nature do the planting. I just mow the weeds in between the vegetable beds πŸ™‚ I only use my ‘phone camera. It’s a Samsung Galaxy J3. It does everything for me so I can’t take the credit. How are your beans doing ? x


      1. My Runner Beans have been wonderful again this year, providing me with my ‘greens’ every day plus a few extra for the family. Well worth growing each year as I’m not so keen on the shop/supermarket/farm shops ones as they let them grow too long for my particular liking! Shall really miss them when the frosts arrive next month.
        Thanks for the photography info. AND the jigsaws that I’m just off to do in a mo.


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