Bean pickin’

The beans pods are turning yellow and dry and perfect for podding. We’ve podded and frozen lots of beans over the last few weeks and today we picked another basketful along with a few raspberries, the last of the outdoor chili peppers and a small cabbage. 20160924_123852The kids thought they’d worked hard all morning, climbing bean poles and braving prickly raspberry canes so they climbed into the basket for a rest and said they’d never bean so comfortable.20160924_123230These are funny little beans !20160924_123223They can’t have many beans in them. I’m going to try one and see if they’re nice…

I really think you should check with Mum first ! 20160924_123212

And luckily he did. Instead the kids made campfire tea with their very own Gwenda kettle they’d brought from home. It was a very breezy day today and the fire took a while to start but soon they had  a fire and a cup of tea to warm them up.

It’s bean a very nice day, they both agreed 🙂20160924_120524


2 thoughts on “Bean pickin’

  1. Unfortunately when I went to pick my Runner Beans to go with my roast chicken earlier today I sadly noticed that they are on the way out for this year so will give them an extra dose of Tomorite this week in the hope that I can harvest another seven days before having to cut them down and compost them.
    Very envious of your raspberries again as they are my very favourite of the Summer fruits and so easy to deep freeze to add to the Winter fruit salads to give that extra bit of colour. I really miss the rows of Raspberry canes that I used to grow but this retirement bungalow’s back garden was/is far too small to house them and not too sure what the neighbours would think if I planted them in the front boarder instead of the shrubs and flowers!
    Fab photography once again. Love those two vinyl kids of yours, so kind and helpful, never complaining either. Hope that they enjoyed that refreshing hot drink after all that hard work!


  2. mmm, delicious. I can almost taste those beans with melted butt and lots of black pepper. Well done with the harvest kids.


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