Very rainy Saturday = Knitting :)

A  very rainy Saturday meant I could get on with a special order for a Fair-Isle Sweater Dress. I don’t know why I never thought of making one before…I’m really pleased with the way this one turned out. It’s knitted….

……in one piece on no. 2.25 dpns in 100% merino yarn. Now I need to make the matching hat, scarves and gloves. My girl would like to keep this one on all winter but that’s not how modelling works, sadly. The fab boots are by Marti.

2 thoughts on “Very rainy Saturday = Knitting :)

  1. Very pretty too BUT what naughty weather making me miss my much looked forward to weekly visit to your allotment!
    Unfortunately I had to have my Runner Beans taken down at the end of this week as they had now finished producing.
    No jigsaw either??? Sad Sasha times!


    1. Sorry Kendal, you beat me to it. Here are two fairly easy ones this week. One for vegetarians and one not so much. Yes, my runner beans and cannellini beans are finished now. Lots podded and frozen for the winter this week. The allotment doesn’t need a lot doing to it now. I do need to dig a long bed over for the potatoes next year. I want to grow them in a different place so that means I have to do a lot of digging. No hurry though, I have all winter.


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