Shall we have an adventure ?


I know a place where we won’t hear any fireworks..



They were very loud last night weren’t they ..



I’ve packed a warm blanket for you and another cardigan for me..



We’ll be safe and warm in our own little hiding place



I wonder if I should have packed anything else ?




3 thoughts on “Shall we have an adventure ?

  1. Just woken up from my compulsory afternoon rest to find this delightful little story AND yet another of my favourite jigsaw puzzles. What a treat for me!
    Adore your Sasha Ballet and her very realistic pet Labrador dog. Reminded me of my late little Yorkshire Terrier (who was named Zipadeedoodah , Zip, Zippy for short!) who wouldn’t set foot out of the house around Bonfire night if there was even the slightest sniff in the air of burning wood or an exploded firework.
    Her skirt is fabulous… as are your latest little knits.
    Great photos and use of backcloth. (Am I allowed to ask how you are getting these wonderfully clear and bright photos? Were they taken outside in natural light or inside with the aide of a lamp?)


    1. My own real little terrier is beside himself when he hears fireworks. I dread Bonfire Night and New Year’s Eve.
      These photos were taken with my phone camera up on the third floor where there is a Velux window and room to set a large cardboard box up. I tinkered with my phone settings and changed the ISO and fiddled with the ‘colour boost’ option in my photo editing programme for these latest ones. I used to have Picasa but when I was forced to upgrade to Windows 10, apparently, that became no longer compatible. I miss it. Now I have a really basic editing programme that comes with Windows 10. Glad you like the jigsaws xx


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