‘Some of the kids who never go out’ Jigsaw


Back row, from left to right: 21″ Shirley Temple look-alike composition/cloth girl Molly, Rag Doll with very long legs, Big Ted, Willow, a 26″ all bisque doll using a Dianna Effner Mould, Middle row: Bertie, a 14″ Kathe Kruse boy, Sally, an 18″ American Character ‘Petite’ composition and cloth doll, tiny Himstedt baby, Rodnoid baby, twin Armand Marseille sisters with Little Teds, Front row: Two teddies, Austrian celluloid girl and  three Sasha babies.

Click the link below to solve the jigsaw  🙂






2 thoughts on “‘Some of the kids who never go out’ Jigsaw

  1. Thank you for sharing the kids who never go out! They are displayed so nicely so I quite understand. They do make a cracking jigsaw


  2. Loved the title theme!
    Wow! I found this quite a hard one and then I couldn’t locate the very last piece… which had unfortunately got stuck behind the whole jigsaw and so it wasn’t until I had managed to move the whole lot over to one side did I find it.
    Many thanks for my Sunday much-looked-forward-to Sasha fix!


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