6 thoughts on “Sasha Christmas Crossword Competition

  1. I missed it but am so impressed at your crossword capabilities! Would you like to do one for the SCW? We could then have a prize at the end of the weekend xxx Congratulations Marilyn by the way


  2. Like Janet I never saw this listing until just now when I came to see if there was my usual Sunday Sasha jigsaw fix waiting. Looks likes fun and quite challenging for the likes of me!
    Unfortunately now I might have to leave attempting to do it until the week after Christmas (when my daughter has returned home) as I’m still knee deep in writing my cards and wrapping my presents (which then have to be posted to hopefully get through these planned postal strikes) … and finally decorate the house and get the food in, all in the midst of a car service and MOT plus a couple of dental and medical appointments. Sounds like it’s going to be the usual mad rush here! Will I ever learn???


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