And then there were three…

Three little babies bonding.


Big brother John is babysitting today and helping the babies learn all the sounds that farm animals make. You should hear the noise coming out of their bedroom  🙂


Click on the link for this weekend’s jigsaw


New arrivals

Well, I said Baby Meike was the only Gotz doll in the family so far…..but not any more.

20170126_112410Yvette and Stella have joined us now, thanks to Aunty Shelly and as they arrived for their turn in the photobooth, Pintucks was just leaving from her photoshoot.

20170126_112331They were keen to ask her what it was like here. All Pintucks thought they needed to know was that there will be a lot of trying things on and then posing for the camera in tickly jumpers.

Well that’s true, but for now I just wanted to share their sweet faces with you….and Yvette’s amazing hair !! ❤


Featured girl of the day

Please meet a little 1969 waif who came to live with me through the kindness of a friend.


I haven’t given her a name but she deserves one, she’s a trouper and maybe you could suggest one for her.

She has her original flecked stringing which is still going strong and beautiful soft brown eyes and peachy lips, and today she’s looking lovely in a green velvet jacket by Frances Trickett, a sweet, tiny check dress by Ruth, and shoes by Rosie Bloom…..

…..and the other thing she’s wearing is a wig,  because she has lost most of her own hair.

She doesn’t mind though because she gets to wear all kinds of different wigs and look different every day. Who knows, she may be a blonde tomorrow….and then curly maybe.

She looks lovely to me in all of them and deserves a bit of the limelight. All she needs now is a name ……any ideas ? 🙂


Another little one joined us this week..

Baby Meike, a later, pale-skinned Gotz Sasha Baby has come to live with us. She’s BFFs already with Baby Angelo (it will do for now  🙂  ) and when the sun comes out again I’ll take better photos of her. She’s a gentle little thing with the sweetest face and she’s the only Gotz doll in the family…so far 🙂

Click this link to solve their jigsaw..


It doesn’t always go to plan…

I set out to knit a sweater dress this week…..but, after hours, days really, of knitting on fine dpns, inching very slowly upwards, I found when I’d cast off the neck that it was much too tight to go over Sasha’s head. I pulled it back. I cast off again and then found that the body was too tight and it was still a real struggle to get on and anyway it was too long in the body. I couldn’t face pulling it back again so now it’s one of many rejects that my girls get to keep. It has basic sleeves until I can muster the enthusiasm to finish them off. File that in the ‘live and learn’ box and move on…20170120_105110-002

I’m hoping I have learned something because now I’m making the next one wider, I’m going ‘top-down’ and leaving a small opening for buttons at the neck. Surely, this time !

Progress so far…………..

The Stork flew a very long way this time :)


All the way from Costa Rica….so you can guess who told the stork where to come 🙂

The very talented Jackie Rydstrom has let me adopt her latest re-rooted creation, and this time it’s the cutest little angel. He’s still adjusting to the temperature here but he’s made some cuddly friends until I can knit him something warm. He reminds me for all the world of a little putti or cherub…all he needs is some wings…