Another little one joined us this week..

Baby Meike, a later, pale-skinned Gotz Sasha Baby has come to live with us. She’s BFFs already with Baby Angelo (it will do for now  🙂  ) and when the sun comes out again I’ll take better photos of her. She’s a gentle little thing with the sweetest face and she’s the only Gotz doll in the family…so far 🙂

Click this link to solve their jigsaw..


9 thoughts on “Another little one joined us this week..

  1. How I just LOVE doing your little Sasha jigsaws! They are fast becoming the Sasha highlight of my week!
    Both your new little babies are so adorable. I remember buying a Meike for my local Sasha friend’s birthday and we had a village fancy dress/gift shop where you could have gifts enclosed in a transparent balloon… so I had her adorably sitting inside one on a bed of shredded tissue paper. (Such a pity in hindsight that I never thought of taking a photo before I gave it to her.)
    Sadly that shop has since closed down.
    Many thanks, as always, for my weekly Sasha jigsaw fix!


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