It doesn’t always go to plan…

I set out to knit a sweater dress this week…..but, after hours, days really, of knitting on fine dpns, inching very slowly upwards, I found when I’d cast off the neck that it was much too tight to go over Sasha’s head. I pulled it back. I cast off again and then found that the body was too tight and it was still a real struggle to get on and anyway it was too long in the body. I couldn’t face pulling it back again so now it’s one of many rejects that my girls get to keep. It has basic sleeves until I can muster the enthusiasm to finish them off. File that in the ‘live and learn’ box and move on…20170120_105110-002

I’m hoping I have learned something because now I’m making the next one wider, I’m going ‘top-down’ and leaving a small opening for buttons at the neck. Surely, this time !

Progress so far…………..

5 thoughts on “It doesn’t always go to plan…

  1. I feel for you Linda, I have been there on more than one occasion, especially getting a finished garment over a Sasha head! x


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