Featured girl of the day

Please meet a little 1969 waif who came to live with me through the kindness of a friend.


I haven’t given her a name but she deserves one, she’s a trouper and maybe you could suggest one for her.

She has her original flecked stringing which is still going strong and beautiful soft brown eyes and peachy lips, and today she’s looking lovely in a green velvet jacket by Frances Trickett, a sweet, tiny check dress by Ruth, and shoes by Rosie Bloom…..

…..and the other thing she’s wearing is a wig,  because she has lost most of her own hair.

She doesn’t mind though because she gets to wear all kinds of different wigs and look different every day. Who knows, she may be a blonde tomorrow….and then curly maybe.

She looks lovely to me in all of them and deserves a bit of the limelight. All she needs now is a name ……any ideas ? 🙂


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