New arrivals

Well, I said Baby Meike was the only Gotz doll in the family so far…..but not any more.

20170126_112410Yvette and Stella have joined us now, thanks to Aunty Shelly and as they arrived for their turn in the photobooth, Pintucks was just leaving from her photoshoot.

20170126_112331They were keen to ask her what it was like here. All Pintucks thought they needed to know was that there will be a lot of trying things on and then posing for the camera in tickly jumpers.

Well that’s true, but for now I just wanted to share their sweet faces with you….and Yvette’s amazing hair !! ❤


5 thoughts on “New arrivals

  1. I’ve just discovered this blog, is it you Linda?? Such beautiful knits on here and they look very familiar to me.
    Love your two big Gotz girls, I have Wibke and she’s a very pretty girl, I hope you find one soon.
    Hugs Sharon in Spain x


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