And then there were three…

Three little babies bonding.


Big brother John is babysitting today and helping the babies learn all the sounds that farm animals make. You should hear the noise coming out of their bedroom  🙂


Click on the link for this weekend’s jigsaw


6 thoughts on “And then there were three…

    1. Thanks Lorraine, yes, he’s a good lad. The play mat is called ‘Farm in a Tin’ by a company called Apples to Pears..there are other toys too in this size, also ‘in a tin’.


  1. I’ve always been fond of the baby Sashas. They have such ‘posebility’ without too much effort on our parts. Love how they are all playing so nicely together.
    My daughter had some little wooden animals like these, they were made by the Abbatt Company, who were rivals with Galt Toys in the 1960s!
    There were quite a few more in the pack than these here but were again in twos which allowed the kids to pair, or name the colours, number count or sort into various categories, such as wild, farm etc.
    John’s pullover is just superb!
    Great jigsaw too. Thanks a mill.


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