How could I forget !

I am a bad Mum and I don’t deserve to have these lovely dolls. Well, I certainly deserve a slapped wrist this week ! Because she was perfect when she arrived and didn’t need any new clothes or even a hair-brush, this little girl joined the other big kids upstairs straightaway and then Mum completely forgot about her debutante photo-shoot.


Better late than never, here is yet another new family member to introduce. It will slow down now, it’s not usually like this 😉 . She doesn’t have a name but she does have a lovely dress by Ginny,  socks by Ruth and shoes by Paula. Her completely re-rooted red hair is by Alison Parnell and has beautiful layers, a full centre parting and shorter pieces framing the sides of her face but no fringe or bangs.

For her ‘new girl’ toy she chose a tiny baby doll, about 2″ tall, dressed in an amazingly tiny knitted dress, cap and bootees and who sucks her thumb continuously.



So we now have five redheads in the family and they will have to appear together one day in all their titian glory when I’ve managed to colour coordinate their outfits to do them justice 🙂

7 thoughts on “How could I forget !

  1. How could you forget such a beauty! It’s because those buses have all arrived together! It seems to be feast or famine in the Sasha adopting world sometimes, so we’ll let you off 😉
    I love the reds and she’s a gorgeous girl with her Alison re-rooted locks and a sweet little baby she’s chosen. Good luck with finding a name , I’m sure she’ll let you know if it’s acceptable.


  2. The photos on your blog are always gorgeous, you have a real eye. I look forward to seeing them, lovely dolls and always so well dressed 🙂


  3. Beautiful redheaded additions to your lovely Sasha family. Both are so nicely dressed and I love the idea of having a toy ready for the new Sasha dolls upon their arrivals. It is a very warm and friendly gesture while they get used to their new surroundings. I look forward to seeing your future reheaded post of five Sasha’s! 😊 xxx


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