When you just fancy a walk in the snow, by yourself….


….but Little Ted wants to come too and jumps in the basket and looks up at you with those appealing eyes…


So you take him along, but that’s not all he wants….


What he REALLY wants is a ride on your shoulders so that he can see more.

Come on then, Little Ted, and mind you don’t get your little claws caught in this new cardigan – I’m only modelling you know 😉


This set was knitted in Alpaca Drops (100% alpaca) 4 ply and has little pink pockets.

(Dress by Ruth and shoes by Rosie Bloom).


8 thoughts on “When you just fancy a walk in the snow, by yourself….

  1. Such a lovely cardigan, I love the little pockets and the pattern on the yoke as well as on the beret. Very pretty.


  2. Lovely cardi and beret Linda – the heart pattern is really nice and you can tell how soft it is!
    I love the top pic of your babies tucked up in bed. Did you knit their blankie too? It looks such fine work!


    1. Thanks Rosie, no, I can’t claim to have knitted the blanket. It’s actually a baby shawl knitted by my mother-in-law for my daughter (who is now 25) and she made a lovely job of it, so until my daughter makes me a grandma it’s being put to good use ☺ x


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