Today the kids tagged along for the ride

Two kids were keen to come out to work with me today, especially since the sun was shining  and it was a lovely 16° C.20170314_154629

My first call was to a very pretty village, just outside Stamford, called Easton-on-the-Hill…


…where the kids noticed a tempting patch of grass to run around on.


They quickly found a likely looking pond and spent a good while ‘pondering’ the chances of finding frogspawn in there.

Hannah thought (new boy) Greg should jump in and go right to the bottom and have a good look,


but Greg has been a new boy before and he wasn’t falling for that one again. Then they spotted something else that looked like a little stone cottage, just the right size for them.

It was a memorial to the Polish  paratroopers who were stationed in the village during the war and who had flown from here to take part in the Battle of Arnhem in Holland.


And then they spotted a tree they could climb 🙂 What took them so long ?


The blossom was just opening up and smelled lovely.

Next we drove through Stamford but didn’t have time to stop. Hannah chose the perfect moment to photobomb my attempt to take a picture of the George Hotel while waiting at the traffic lights..


The next place we came to was another picturesque village called Bainton….with a KEEP OUT  ! sign. We had to stop.


They weren’t sure why they had to KEEP OUT ! of this tiny but interesting area so they needed a better look. They might not really need to KEEP OUT ! , maybe ?  🙂

It looked like a hole with a cage in it. Was there a big bear down there ?


Ah, mystery solved.


Mum likes wool and that comes from sheep, doesn’t it, so we should tell Mum all about this when we get back to the car.

And they did, and all about how hard it was to climb all those fences and trees today and how nice it was to find a bench that belonged to the Queen…..and it had been quite hard to climb up on that too..

20170314_141209 ..and how sleepy they were now, back in the warm car, in the late afternoon sunshine.


And then they both went very quiet for the rest of the journey home 🙂



7 thoughts on “Today the kids tagged along for the ride

  1. What a beautiful post. I loved the scenery and the blooms coming along. Your Hannah is stunning and I love how you have dressed her with the cheery colors. Greg looks very handsome and so at home up in the tree! I bet they both slept all the way home! 😊 xxx


  2. I’m SO impressed by the amazing Spring photography shown here. Am I allowed to ask what camera you are using… though it’s obviously a top of the range one?
    I was beautifully transported away from my ‘ill-at-moment’ world by this post.
    Spring is definitely here from these great photos and I can’t wait to be allowed outside to enjoy it.
    Many thanks to you, Hannah, such a lovely Dungaree NP and the very smart and wise Greg for taking me out with you today. I’ve appreciated every view, flower, blossom, tree and blade of grass.


    1. I’m sorry to hear you are stuck inside Kendal, now that the garden is coming to life. I hope you have nice, big windows and a good view of your garden. The camera I use is only my mobile phone camera. I think the blog somehow enhances the photos because they always look better on there than on my laptop photo gallery. I’m glad you enjoyed them x


  3. The y both looked gorgeous sitting watching the pond , love the colours they are wearing, so bright and cheerful.
    Loved that Hannah Photobombed you ! Looks like they had a lovely adventure while you worked. I’m not surprised they were tired.


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