Spring Picnic

The kids took advantage of Mum’s trip to the allotment today to have a quick, Spring picnic while Mum pulled some leeks.


First they chose the spot, then worked together to spread out the blanket.


The bears just couldn’t wait to see what was in the picnic basket and jumped up and down for Hannah and Greg to PLEASE open it up !!!



They’d brought drinks, snacks, fruit and cake and biscuits and shared everything with the bears…because this was also a Teddy Bears’ Picnic 🙂



……then sunbathed in the gentle March sunshine. Nice work if you can get it  🙂


Picnic Jigsaw

Click on the link below to solve the puzzle



8 thoughts on “Spring Picnic

  1. What a lovely, sunny post! Hannah and Greg both look happy to be outdoors on a lovely day. I love their knitted blanket and I am guessing that you made it? It looks like they had yummy food and drinks and enough to share with their bear friends. It is nice that they had time to lay back and enjoy the sunshine. 😊 xxx

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    1. Thanks Ginger, yes, they got their dose of vitamin D today and had lots of nice things to eat and share. I didn’t knit the blanket actually, it was a lucky, charity shop find 🙂 x


  2. I love the colours of the flowers and of the dolls beautiful knitted sweaters. Last photo is especially nice, where they are laying down to enjoy the mild sunshine. Hope you had time to relax as well. XXXX

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  3. I’ve always enjoyed picnics and it looks like these four did too.
    I don’t know why but when eating food out in the sunshine it tastes so much better… and healthier. Great too to lie and take a little nap afterwards though it’s doubtful if they were able to absorb any Vitamin D, as for that you have to have your arms and legs uncovered for a good 15 minutes.
    Lovely Spring post full of colour and interest. Many thanks again. Now off to do the jigsaw.


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