Bank Holiday on the Allotment


On Saturday we put up a little polytunnel so that we can grow tender vegetables like tomatoes and hopefully they won’t all shrivel up and turn black with blight like last year. We’ve used all our supply of bricks to weigh it down and stop it blowing away….


to us it’s a thing of beauty πŸ™‚ And then the swallows arrived . It took a long time to catch them on camera ..they’re so fast, but it’s wonderful to see them again πŸ™‚


So now we needed to get some work done. My daughter Emma put her gloves on and mucked in, literally, spreading chicken manure everywhere and planting marigolds…

..and the kids helped to plant tomatoes. This week Kiltie and Adam came along.


They brought something comfy to sit on for after all their hard work, but had to try it out to make sure it was in the rightΒ  spot first. The sofa was fine but there was a funny smell coming from somewhere….

“We can measure ourselves against the tomatoes every week and see who grows the quickest !

The next job was to dig over a space for some lettuce and then dig some little holes for 12 tiny lettuce plants.


Are the holes deep enough?

“I planted the red ones” ..”and IΒ  planted the green ones, and we both planted some marigolds”

We’ve left our footprints all over…..

I’ll rake it over and then we need to give them all a big drink of water..


We’ll need to put nets over to keep the rabbits from eating them all….and no sooner had we mentioned the rabbit than we saw him on the next plot, watching us !

20170501_171539_LI (2)

Good luck little lettuces, we’ll come again and water you another day.


Now we can try out the sofa properly πŸ™‚


This is nice, but it’s a bit warm in here !


I’m starting to fall asleep it’s so warm ..

That’s better….now we can relax, until Mum finds us another job.



11 thoughts on “Bank Holiday on the Allotment

  1. It looks like Kiltie and Adam have been very busy. I like their idea of bringing their comfortable leather seat to relax on after all the hard work of planting and watering.


  2. They say that ‘a woman’s work is never done’ but this, I always think, applies to the gardeners too.
    Luckily you had your daughter, Emma, and ‘kids’ Kiltie and Adam to help prepare the ground and then plant the tomatoes and lettuces. (It’s always a good idea too to add the Marigolds as they do help to ward off those plant eating ‘pests.’)
    Wishing you a good ‘reaping’ this year after all this hard work.


  3. I love seeing what the kids are up to on the allotment, such hard little labourers. That sofa of theirs is a hoot and my favourite image is of them slouching down listening to their boom box!


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