Little knits I took to SCW 2017

20170507_184410All are now sold, including my shameless attempt at Princess Charlotte’s little cardigan for which I now have so many orders I’ll still be knitting it when she’s all grown up.

I’ll make them all very slightly different though so no two will be exactly the same 🙂

SCW this year was a great success but I didn’t take many photos because better photographers than me were recording it all for Sasha FB groups and their personal blogs so this is all I have to post. I did have the best time and that’s all thanks to the tireless efforts of the organisers and contributors, the craft demonstrators, raffle donors and organisers, doll costume makers and all the wonderful people who came from some very far-flung places to share their dolls and their enthusiasm and to make it so special for us all.

Sasha people are the best !  🙂

9 thoughts on “Little knits I took to SCW 2017

  1. Well done on selling out! We did just have the best of times and it’s hard to believe it is over now. Making a Princess Charlotte cardigan was inspired and I am not surprised you have many orders, I can wait for mine, but not until she is grown up! ❤


  2. They are wonderful Linda as always i did manage to get one. I will take photos and post soon .love it very much . do you need me to come and make your tea ect so you dont need to stop knitting LOL xxxxx


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