Back at the house….

Ben and Caleb are already feeling like all the other kids get to do exciting things in the holidays and so far they’ve just been stuck at home.


Caleb really wants to have a game of Monopoly so he’s set up the board to tempt Ben.


Caleb: It’s all ready, can we play now ?

But Ben’s busy watching all the kids who are going to the festival to see what it’s like to fly on a plane and stay in a hotel and watch while someone makes shoes just for you . You’ve got to see this Caleb !

20170721_09120220170721_120316I’ll show you on the globe where they’ve all gone…….it’s around the other side of the world !

20170721_090344 (2)


Oh look, Joe’s sent us some photos  he’s taken of the Kale-Muncher….It WAS a rabbit… I knew it !

They’re all having more fun than us. I still don’t want to play Monopoly though, it makes me feel mean if I win and fed up if I lose. Where’s the fun in that ?

I’d rather do some drawing  –

20170721_090344Look, I’ve drawn Monkey – 🐵

….and then let’s keep an eye on Curly and Gracie and Little Petal and Poppy and Vanessa and there’s one boy with no top on. It must be warm over there too 🙂

I hope they send lots of photos.

7 thoughts on “Back at the house….

  1. I’m feeling a bit like Caleb and Ben at the moment seeing all these other lucky Sasha Collectors enjoying themselves at the Sasha Festival… but playing a game of Monopoly wouldn’t really help as I’ve always found that it goes on for far too long and so I loose interest.
    Now Cluedo on the other hand is right up my street as I love mystery and murder… brain taxing and with a shorter ending in sight.
    Fabulous little room setting complete with all those exciting and interesting details… plus how you have dressed these two displaying their different cultures… and with a little bit of education thrown in for good measure.
    Many thanks indeed for this delightful escape.


    1. Thanks Kendal. I tell myself I couldn’t go to the festival anyway – who’d water the garden ? I know I’d get carried away at the auctions…I enjoyed Mary’s videos. It made up for not going a little bit, didn’t it x


  2. I’m not letting my lot know that there’s a festival on! That way they won’t feel left out or think they need lots of toys and clothes to cheer themselves up!
    Love the boys table and toys, the perfect size 🙂


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