Be careful what you wish for

Joe and Kiltie survived their night under canvas on the allotment and kept guard over the tender kale and the tasty beans. I  never doubted them. I knew they’d be sensible. I found them sunbathing this morning under the apple tree. They’d both been bitten by tiny mosquitoes overnight so they were glad they’d packed the Sudocrem. More of that later.


They showed me how they’d  put up a wire cage around the beans and the kale so now they’ll be safe from nibbling bunnies.

This should do the trick.

They wanted to pick some of the haricot and borlotti beans but we’ve already picked more than we can eat or give away and the freezer’s full so they’ll have to grow a bit more and maybe we’ll dry them this year..

Joe got very excited when he found a melon bigger than his head  🙂

I didn’t see this yesterday !!

I know about these. I’ll leave them alone..


Hey Mum ! This is like the poster for the film you said we can’t watch until we’re older…..’Dr. Strangepants’, isn’t it ?


But  it’s not all messing about today. We had a few jobs to do. We dug up a sack of potatoes,

pulled up the last of the broad beans and weeded the bed ready for some winter cabbage. Kiltie wanted to plant the cabbages and tried to wield my trowel but it was a bit big for her.


The small-sized ones are better for the kids and Joe carried one over his shoulder singing, ‘Hi ho! hi ho! It’s off to work we go..’

..and very soon they were all planted and watered and protected under netting.

Then the kids wanted to play a bit. Joe’s a bit of a photographer and he’s usually got his camera with him. Today he wanted a really close-up shot of the bees on the Marjoram. They roll in the flowers and cover themselves with pollen. It’s been flowering for months and they love it. He got himself into a good position and just planned to wait for a bee to come to him. He just had to be patient, and maybe make a wish.

Got it !!


Kiltie found she was very close to a bee but she didn’t have a camera so she just buzzed to let it know she was friendly 🙂


They both managed to see bees very close up, possibly a bit too close up. The bees weren’t sure what to make of them and decided to sting first and ask questions later. Luckily for the bees and the kids, their stings can’t really hurt vinyl kids so none of them was badly hurt.

The kids had superficial stings and found another use for the Sudocrem, while the bees lived to roll in more pollen.

All are a little bit wiser.


10 thoughts on “Be careful what you wish for

  1. Just LOVE your ‘Living the Good Life’ posts. Each and every photo looks so natural and true to life. I marvel at how clear and detailed each plant, vegetable and blade of grass looks. That close-up photo of the Bumble bee covered in pollen is nothing short of FANTASTIC! great story-line too!
    Makes me realise just how mundane and boring my blog posts have now become so perhaps it’s just as well that I am now in the process of retiring from Sasha due to recent ill health and aging.

    BTW this is my very favourite blog of all time, having been bought up in a rural and as ‘self sufficient as possible’ environment myself…(compete with horses , dogs and hens) so again many, many thanks indeed for this wonderful entertainment… that I always look forward to.
    Off now to tackle the jigsaw! Exciting times!


    1. Thanks Kendal. I was brought up in a village between Bradford and the Dales so we weren’t rural but we went out into the countryside at the weekends. Dad always loved his garden though, and his greenhouse, and we always had a shovel and a sack with us in the back of the car, just in case he found a freshly turned mole-hill. He had a thing about soil 🙂


  2. I love seeing the children down on the allotment enjoying being close to nature and seeing how food is grown.
    And learning life’s lesson’s of bees and their stings 🙂


  3. We are just back from the festival and I am catching up on things here. I love these posts of the kids in the garden. Your photography is so skillfully done. The realistic poses and the beautiful, colorful vegetables are a delightful sight. Washington DC was a very busy and well populated city, but I would choose the country any time if given a choice. Thank you for sharing the garden adventures of the kids! Ellen


    1. Yes, I’ve seen photos of the festival and you appeared in a few. I’m staggered by the wonderful table gifts and souvenirs produced for attendees, amazingly lovely things. It must be quite overwhelming to be there in the midst of the whirlwind of activities and It must be very easy to get carried away at the sales tables and the auctions. I’m glad you’re home safely and back in the peace of your own garden. We need the hustle and bustle to appreciate the calm.


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