When life gives you strawberries…..

It all seems very quiet in here…



Ah, I thought it wouldn’t last long. Today is strawberry jam day. Not chasing a ball around the park day, apparently.

It smells lovely, but it takes so long…


…and now she needs a cuppa and a biscuit !

I won’t be too much longer……you can’t rush these things. Be a good boy and wait nicely.


click here for a jigsaw


Will it ever be time for my walkie ??



15 thoughts on “When life gives you strawberries…..

  1. Darling post. I love all the little details in her kitchen as well as her apron. The puzzle was fun to do, as usual😊


  2. I just love your posts, Linda. They are all so carefully set up with special little details that make the photos come alive. The little dog waiting for his walk is priceless! All of your blogs are a joy!


  3. This indoor kitchen setting is as lovely as your outdoor allotment scenes. Quite a few times now I had decided to buy that biscuit tin Aga range but it never materialised and now it’s too late! Ah well. I can just pop by and enjoy seeing yours here .
    This post brings back a few lovely memories of jam making in the family’s very heavy Victorian brass cauldron. (Couldn’t even attempt to lift it these days… even without the jam mixture inside.)
    Secondly the red Aga reminds me of the red real one that my daughter had put in her first marital home (her second home was already equipped with a cream one) and they took a photo of their new Weimaraner puppy, Ellie, lying in front basking in it’s warmth… and this was used by Aga in one of the illustrated magazines.
    Love how the red is picked up with the Gingham cloth and seat cushions, the red circular matt, Henry Hoover, the saucepan’s handles and even the dog’s ball and neck tie.
    I had really wanted to buy one of those miniature Ikea chairs, as I so adore their shape and texture, but when I worked out the cost and postage etc. I felt that it was more than I wanted to pay. So again another boxed not ticked!
    I am looking forward to doing this jam making jigsaw (along with the previous one) after my evening meal.
    Many thanks as always!


    1. Finally found the time to do this delightful little jam making jigsaw. Such a wonderful kitchen scene…rather wish that my own real kitchen looked as tempting.
      BTW these jigsaw challenges are doing me a real favour in keeping my eye and hand skills coordinated and in operation.
      My thanks again.

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  4. Oh my goodness Linda, this is the most perfect setting, everything that is needed to make delicious strawberry jam (oh and jam tarts?) What a fabulous dining table and chair set as well. It is all so perfect. Where did you find such wonderful props?!


    1. Thanks Lorraine, a lot of the kitchenalia came from Susan Hurst who has a wonderful collection and these were her cast-offs. The rest I’ve found all over the place, ebay and charity shops. I always have my Sasha eye open at boot sales and charity shops:) xx


  5. What a great kitchen. Love the preserving pan with it’s delicious jam. Also the red and white is so fresh looking. It’s wonderful when you find the right sized props for the dolls πŸ™‚


    1. It’s a bit of an obsession now but it seems to get harder and harder to find anything that’s just right. I suppose because we’re all doing the same thing ! πŸ™‚


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