What we did today..


Sasha wanted to stay in and finish her ironing  (she doesn’t get this from me) ..


Rufus wasn’t too happy about that..


but Joe and Pintucks were desperate to get out and play and in the sunshine. Even though they know play = work in harvest season 🙂 Today was all about picking what we grow. Some things are easy to pick..


..and some need a bit more effort


and team work.



The plums are delicate so Joe wheel-barrowed them to the basket for careful packing.


The blackberries are ready too. These are the thornless ones we grow on the allotment.

20170812_140224We have plenty of apples and blackberries to make lots of pies and crumbles and jams.


The sweetcorn isn’t quite ready


..and the strawberries are having a final fling but they’re not ripe yet.


..but lots of things are ready to pick and bring home to freeze and make jams and chutneys with. I hope Sasha’s finished her ironing. Look’s like she’ll have another job when we get home 🙂


click here for their jigsaw

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4 thoughts on “What we did today..

  1. I have to agree with Steve That short hair style on Pintucks looks great and the frnaces Trickett outfit looks great on her.
    How lucky to have a doll who likes to get the ironing done! and all the produce is looking delicious , I’m off to do the jigsaw, which I love doing.
    enjoy the week ahead 🙂


  2. Love the bobbed hairstyle on your Pintucks. That’s how I used to have my hair during my first years at boarding school as it was easy to manage.
    Super bibbed shorts outfit.
    Great kitchen scene.
    Inventive idea to used the lawn mower to gain the height necessary to reach those high growing fruits.
    Another superb harvesting!


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