Sisters with a secret

We both think lime green and purple look great together…


We are both 48 years old….shhh! This isn’t our own hair….no, really !


..and only one of us has always been a girl 🙂

Dresses by Ginny and Ruth, shoes by Rosie and Gayle, cardigan by me.

12 thoughts on “Sisters with a secret

  1. No need to be secretive about it girls, feel proud that you’ve lasted a long time and have plenty of interesting experiences (looking good is a bonus).


    1. Thanks Kendal, I realised I don’t do many posts like this but I’ve really enjoyed looking at all your photos. I have to own up and admit that I keep trying to get at least one of my wigged girls to look like your girl in the Cosette wig. The girl on the left is wearing a very long curly wig (she was a mermaid a fortnight ago 🙂 ) and if I cut it a bit it might look a bit like your girl but it seems a shame to cut it. She’s the one who really is a girl. The other girl is a brunette Gregor with only stubble left, poor thing x


  2. How beautiful!! My Ezri was a Prince Gregor. I got a shock one day when his hat and hair fell off as I didn’t realise he was wearing a wig! I decided then that he could be a girl as my daughter thought he was too pretty to be a boy. I made a dress, knitted a shrug and bought a wig 🙂


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