Goodbye to Autumn

One last dressing up in Autumn colours before we start to get dressed in our Christmas/Winter best – and introducing the stunning Selma, (on the right) a beautiful re-root by Pam Winter Turner. Click here for their jigsaw …

IMG_0384 (2)

….and while we’re introducing new family members we can’t leave out little ebay miracle who arrived looking like this..


and scrubbed up beautifully….


and had to put up with a hat for a while to tame her fringe..


and then went through a major operation ..


to eventually look like this ❤


She’s wearing an outfit that properly  belongs to A Girl for All Time, but it fits her beautifully and I was so happy to find a lovely velvet coat by Frances Trickett at C&S that makes her outfit complete. She says  hello ! and that she’s looking forward to Christmas with her new family and to meeting lots of new friends in May 2018 in Nottingham.

We are delighted to have her here with us !

She also has her very own jigsaw here …

IMG_0349 (2)

Now Mum needs to get back to the knitting.  I think she needs more shelves for all her knitting books, but in the meanwhile, this is a nice warm place to sit 🙂

IMG_0358 (2)

Click here for a very tough jigsaw ..


9 thoughts on “Goodbye to Autumn

  1. Congratulations on your most wonderful eBay find Linda. Mira is just stunning and I love the very special outfit and coat that she is wearing. What a special Sasha she is! How exciting to add her to your lovely Sasha family. Thank you for the puzzles which are always fun to do. ❤️ xxx


  2. Beautiful photos of your stunning dolls Linda. Your new girl is amazing, what a wonderful find indeed, ‘didn’t she scrub up well’ as they say! Her dress is just perfect for the princess she is.


  3. Such a super post Linda, I loved seeing all those knitting books, the Autumn colours and your new girl by Pam but most of all your miracle! Wow, what a doll and she couldn’t have gone to a nicer person.


    1. Those books are the overspill ! I have 2 shelves full of them. I can’t resist a knitting book and I’m in charity shops all the time so over the years they’ve taken over the house !


  4. Three wonderful puzzles, you are spoiling us. Love your new girl , she looks perfect in the A girl for all time and the Frances Trickett Velvet coat is the perfect finish, congratulations of a wonderful find 🙂 xx


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