Snow Day

“Morning !  Lovely day for a walk. ”


“Yes, this indoor park is nice and warm but have you seen what the weather is doing outside  ?! ”




“I think the dogs would like to stay indoors today and get to sniff each other for a while. ”

IMG_1185 (2)

“Ok, well, I’m meeting the others outside…. I’ll see you out there. If you dare 🙂 !! ”



“It’s really snowing !!! Can we make a snowman ? ”


Caleb’s busy making a snow angel….

“I might have known you boys would start a snowball fight, ….. ”


“What me ? There’s nothing in my hand …..”


…. “well this one’s for you !!”


“OOps, sorry, that was meant for someone else 🙂 ”

“Where’s Spot…. ? Your little legs are too short for snow this deep.. “”



“Fido will dig you out, won’t you Fido .. ”


“I’m out !!”

“Come and see what we’ve made !””

IMG_1211 (2)

“He’s borrowed one of the boys’ hats and a scarf and Mum gave us a carrot and some buttons for his face. I’m not sure he has a very happy face. He’s probably just cold. ”


“Our hands are like ice now…I think it’s time to go in, say good bye to Mr Snowman, Spot.. ”

IMG_1209 (2)

“Bye Mr Snowman. I hope you like the cold. You’ll meet birds and squirrels today and they might just try to eat your nose so watch out !””

And so everyone came in for cocoa and there was a scramble for best place on the mantelpiece 🙂


We can’t remember when we last had so much snow so we made sure to take lots of photos to share with you. Hope you liked them 🙂



4 thoughts on “Snow Day

  1. What an enjoyable post, I loved all the photos, especially the ones post snowball fight and the snowman. Well done kids, hope you are warm and dry agin now!


  2. Love the pictures! You all had a lot of fun. I bet your fingers were cold by the time you finished photographing this lot! You have a massive amount of snow up there – hardly any here! xxx


    1. My hands were very cold ! Yes, we had lots of heavy snow-showers. I’d scrape the path and it would be covered over again in 10 minutes. It’s forecast for more tomorrow too….but I daren’t take another day off ! x


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