My excuse for not doing so much Sasha knitting these days ..

Seven weeks ago my first grandchild arrived, 15 days late, poor Mum.

In the first six weeks he changed so much and even started smiling at us, for real, not just the windy kind of smiles 🙂



James' faces

And now his latest challenge, carrying off the ‘hand-knitted by Grandma’ look.


He’s looked happier, bless him. Just wait till he sees the lovely beige outfit Grandma’s made for him. He’ll love beige 😀

Easter fun & Jigsaw

This morning the Easter Bunny has been busy hiding eggs all over Sashaland,

IMG_1430 (2)

with the help of three little bears who hope there’ll be a few eggs left over for them after the babies have their fun.

IMG_1414 (2)

Now remember not to make it too easy 🙂 ….


All hidden ?

IMG_1412 (2)

Yes, all hidden 🙂 !

IMG_1411 (5)

Then we can let the babies in !


Click here for their jigsaw

The babies were into the garden in a flash, squeezing underneath bushes and scuffing their little knees, not minding a bit how much of a mess they made of their nice clean clothes….the most important thing was to find ALL the eggs and not to leave any for the big kids who would come later. It turned out they had inside help too. Little pink Ty Beanie Bear (‘Easter’) offered to tell them where the eggs were in return for a few eggs of his own to keep.

IMG_1436 (2)

We can see you hiding behind that bush, Little Easter ! 😉

I like all the colours…..

IMG_1441 (2)

..but I especially like the gingery ones 🙂

IMG_1442 (2)

Happy Easter Everyone and the babies hope you all find lots of chocolate !


Back in the wellies again….

Joe and I managed to do a few jobs on the allotment this weekend….. much more to do over the long Easter weekend but at least we made a start.

IMG_1353 (2)


First Joe left lots of birdseed around the pond where we know the birds expect to find it. We saw Partridges and Fieldfare this weekend, as well as the usual Robins and Blackbirds, Starlings, Thrushes, Rooks and Pheasants.

IMG_1354 (2)

We were hoping for frogspawn in the pond but we were disappointed.

We left half a coconut in the hawthorn too.. there’s still a pigeon’s nest up there from last year. I wonder if they’ll come back…

Our big job this month is digging over the soil and taking all the weeds out, ready to plant potatoes…we’re hoping to get them in next weekend. They’ve been chitting for weeks to develop little roots so that they get off to a good start once they’re under the soil.

I can’t dig it all by myself so Joe helped out with his own shovel and his own wheelbarrow…and of course…

IMG_1357 (2)

IMG_1360 (2)

IMG_1363 (2)

……his own mug of tea 🙂