Back in the wellies again….

Joe and I managed to do a few jobs on the allotment this weekend….. much more to do over the long Easter weekend but at least we made a start.

IMG_1353 (2)


First Joe left lots of birdseed around the pond where we know the birds expect to find it. We saw Partridges and Fieldfare this weekend, as well as the usual Robins and Blackbirds, Starlings, Thrushes, Rooks and Pheasants.

IMG_1354 (2)

We were hoping for frogspawn in the pond but we were disappointed.

We left half a coconut in the hawthorn too.. there’s still a pigeon’s nest up there from last year. I wonder if they’ll come back…

Our big job this month is digging over the soil and taking all the weeds out, ready to plant potatoes…we’re hoping to get them in next weekend. They’ve been chitting for weeks to develop little roots so that they get off to a good start once they’re under the soil.

I can’t dig it all by myself so Joe helped out with his own shovel and his own wheelbarrow…and of course…

IMG_1357 (2)

IMG_1360 (2)

IMG_1363 (2)

……his own mug of tea πŸ™‚



3 thoughts on “Back in the wellies again….

  1. It was a good day to get on the allotment and make a start. Nice that you feed the bird too! We have some frogspawn you can have , shame we cannot just send it up along with the frogs πŸ™‚
    Nice to see that Joe is wearing several layers to keep him warm and that he also has his own mug πŸ™‚


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