My excuse for not doing so much Sasha knitting these days ..

Seven weeks ago my first grandchild arrived, 15 days late, poor Mum.

In the first six weeks he changed so much and even started smiling at us, for real, not just the windy kind of smiles 🙂



James' faces

And now his latest challenge, carrying off the ‘hand-knitted by Grandma’ look.


He’s looked happier, bless him. Just wait till he sees the lovely beige outfit Grandma’s made for him. He’ll love beige 😀

8 thoughts on “My excuse for not doing so much Sasha knitting these days ..

  1. He is absolutely adorable and what a lucky baby to have your beautiful knitted creations to wear. He really has changed quickly and you can see the little boy emerging. How wonderful! ❤️ xxx


  2. He’s such a handsome little chap! and they grow so fast ! I’m sure he’ll love all the clothes Granny makes for him 🙂 I bet you are enjoying all those cuddles. Happy Easter to you all xx


  3. My grandma called babies the biggest time wasters around – because they stop you getting anything else done! What a cutie x


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