Short update on the veg patch and a jigsaw :)

June already ! Less than three weeks to the longest day. That thought is so depressing that it has no place here and we won’t mention it again.

Click here for Joe’s jigsaw


Joe is very proud of this radish. It’s the only thing we’ve harvested so far this year, although we did pick the first two strawberries yesterday and netted them up before the birds spot them !

We managed to plant sweetcorn and squash this week.

IMG_1868 - Copy

Everything we plant has to be protected now from rabbits. Our allotment site must be rabbit paradise, there are so many of them.


Not again !

When Joe escaped from the sweetcorn patch he ran into the polytunnel to show you how tall the tomatoes are now….

IMG_1865 - Copy

…and for Aunty Janet, this is the heritage variety we’re growing this year šŸ™‚

IMG_1873 - Copy

The peas and beans are doing well..


…but so are the weeds, sadly, because we can’t get the strimmer to start.


We need a mechanic !!

This is the tidy view of our veg patch. The bit to the left, out of shot, is a head-high jungle.


I hope we’ll be able to show you a neater plot next time.

Thanks for looking in on us šŸ™‚ x




4 thoughts on “Short update on the veg patch and a jigsaw :)

  1. why is it DEPRESSING that the longest day will be here in three weeks… I am looking forward to it, but certainly will be sorry to see it go. But here in the States we have loads of snow and cold in winter, so I have to look forward to the SHORTEST day and the following increase in the length of day afterward. And I hope we will soon have permanent daylight Saving time!! I’ve got some tomato plants and some cucumber plants in large pots, but I have a veritable jungle of critters to fend off: raccoons, rabbits, possums, skunks, DEER, ground hog, squirrels etc. They go into the pot and dig up the plant even though there’s nothing to EAT yet!!! I suppose I’ll have to get MILITARY quality screening to try to keep them out!! SusanLK


  2. Thank you so much for showing me what your Heritage Tomatoes will look like Joe, yum! That is a radish to be proud of by the way, very encouraging after all that hard work. I hope the rabbit precautions are successful, little tinkers!


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