Be careful what you wish for

Joe and Kiltie survived their night under canvas on the allotment and kept guard over the tender kale and the tasty beans. I  never doubted them. I knew they’d be sensible. I found them sunbathing this morning under the apple tree. They’d both been bitten by tiny mosquitoes overnight so they were glad they’d packed the Sudocrem. More of that later.


They showed me how they’d  put up a wire cage around the beans and the kale so now they’ll be safe from nibbling bunnies.

This should do the trick.

They wanted to pick some of the haricot and borlotti beans but we’ve already picked more than we can eat or give away and the freezer’s full so they’ll have to grow a bit more and maybe we’ll dry them this year..

Joe got very excited when he found a melon bigger than his head  🙂

I didn’t see this yesterday !!

I know about these. I’ll leave them alone..


Hey Mum ! This is like the poster for the film you said we can’t watch until we’re older…..’Dr. Strangepants’, isn’t it ?


But  it’s not all messing about today. We had a few jobs to do. We dug up a sack of potatoes,

pulled up the last of the broad beans and weeded the bed ready for some winter cabbage. Kiltie wanted to plant the cabbages and tried to wield my trowel but it was a bit big for her.


The small-sized ones are better for the kids and Joe carried one over his shoulder singing, ‘Hi ho! hi ho! It’s off to work we go..’

..and very soon they were all planted and watered and protected under netting.

Then the kids wanted to play a bit. Joe’s a bit of a photographer and he’s usually got his camera with him. Today he wanted a really close-up shot of the bees on the Marjoram. They roll in the flowers and cover themselves with pollen. It’s been flowering for months and they love it. He got himself into a good position and just planned to wait for a bee to come to him. He just had to be patient, and maybe make a wish.

Got it !!


Kiltie found she was very close to a bee but she didn’t have a camera so she just buzzed to let it know she was friendly 🙂


They both managed to see bees very close up, possibly a bit too close up. The bees weren’t sure what to make of them and decided to sting first and ask questions later. Luckily for the bees and the kids, their stings can’t really hurt vinyl kids so none of them was badly hurt.

The kids had superficial stings and found another use for the Sudocrem, while the bees lived to roll in more pollen.

All are a little bit wiser.


Back at the house….

Ben and Caleb are already feeling like all the other kids get to do exciting things in the holidays and so far they’ve just been stuck at home.


Caleb really wants to have a game of Monopoly so he’s set up the board to tempt Ben.


Caleb: It’s all ready, can we play now ?

But Ben’s busy watching all the kids who are going to the festival to see what it’s like to fly on a plane and stay in a hotel and watch while someone makes shoes just for you . You’ve got to see this Caleb !

20170721_09120220170721_120316I’ll show you on the globe where they’ve all gone…….it’s around the other side of the world !

20170721_090344 (2)


Oh look, Joe’s sent us some photos  he’s taken of the Kale-Muncher….It WAS a rabbit… I knew it !

They’re all having more fun than us. I still don’t want to play Monopoly though, it makes me feel mean if I win and fed up if I lose. Where’s the fun in that ?

I’d rather do some drawing  –

20170721_090344Look, I’ve drawn Monkey – 🐵

….and then let’s keep an eye on Curly and Gracie and Little Petal and Poppy and Vanessa and there’s one boy with no top on. It must be warm over there too 🙂

I hope they send lots of photos.

Everything’s growing nicely

All the vegetables that Joe and the kids helped me to plant earlier in the year are beginning to grow nicely now. They needed the rain after all that heat.


The bees and the butterflies have all helped.

Remember when John and Kiltie helped to plant the tomatoes in the polytunnel ?

20170501_154716 Well just look at them now. Not ripe yet but they won’t be long.

We planted an aubergine too and weren’t very hopeful because it was the first time we tried to grow one, but even that is starting to look like a real aubergine 🙂


The melon we planted has grown and spread and so thoroughly entwined itself around the tomato plants that I can’t begin to prune it because it winds back on itself and I can’t see where to cut.

Joe climbed up to see if any of the melon flowers had been pollinated..and we think we can see a little melon forming behind some of the flowers.


Kiltie found that the beans we planted under the frame of bamboo canes are looking good and they reach the top of the canes now and I’ve had to cut them off at the top. We’ve eaten some and now we’re going to leave them to grow big and then we’ll freeze them. We all love beans over the winter, in stews and cassoulet.

The sweetcorn we planted not so long ago…

20170527_120637 has flowers forming now and today we shook the pollen down onto the forming cobs.

20170716_174928Even the pumpkins are growing. We’ve already picked, eaten and given away no end of courgettes 🙂

Sadly, there’ll be no more strawberries this year, they’ve all finished, but they were delicious ! ..and so is the jam 🙂


Joe and Kiltie  want to sleep out on the veg patch tonight to keep watch and see who’s been nibbling the kale. We know who it is really but they just want to enjoy their summer holidays with a camp-out.

20170719_175139We know it’s not these little munchers. They only like to eat the Ragwort. We saw their mum earlier, the Cinnabar Moth.

They haven’t chosen the best night, we had thunder storms last night and we look likely to have some more rain tonight, but they’re sure their tent is waterproof so I said they could, but they have to call me if the rain starts to pour in. They both have their phones with them, and torches and snacks and books to read and Joe has his camera to record the kale-nibbler……


You did remember to bring our phones didn’t you ?

I’m not sure they’re old enough for this but I’m close by and these are the memories we treasure when we grow up, so I’ve said they can be little guardspeople tonight. I’ll let you know whether or not this was a good idea…


For Sale

Only Yvette and Stella need new homes. Everyone else has been happily adopted. The larger dolls are £280 +postage. Stella and Yvette both have their tubes and Stella does have her hair-slide but wasn’t wearing it for the photo. All are in excellent, original condition.20170505_143541

Summer weather.

The last week has been very hot and dry and the kids wanted to go out and have some fun, but first they had jobs to do, of course 😉


Joe helped by wheel-barrowing manure to the spot where we’re going to grow sweetcorn.

Then it needed raking in before we could dig some holes and plant the little sweetcorn plants.

20170527_120037 It was very hot work. Joe knows he did a great job.


Meanwhile, getting quite hot and a bit fed up, Caleb had found a really good hiding place in the chives and thought it was about time someone came to look for him.


When Joe came to find him they both disappeared off somewhere together…and I’m still looking for them. ……


“She’ll never find us in here…


..and even better, let’s wear green next time   🙂  “, chuckled Caleb.

After much calling and searching,  much to their amusement, I eventually found them and put them straight to work in the polytunnel. Now that IS a hot job.

The tomatoes and chillies are starting to flower and they need weeding and watering and feeding now.


The boys set to the task of weeding and Mum filled a watering can with tomato feed.


“It’s too hot in here. Shall we go outside and play and cool down a bit ?” suggested Joe. Caleb never needs  much persuasion to go and play outside.

The wheelbarrow was cleaned up and pressed into service as a kidmobile.


First Joe pushed Caleb past the lavender, then Caleb pushed Joe around the potatoes…


Then Joe pushed Caleb past the strawberries, but got a bit distracted for a second when he saw real, green baby strawberries growing where the flowers had been,

20170528_184849and it only took a moment’s loss of concentration for him to run over a stone and lose control …



..and send Caleb tumbling right out of the wheelbarrow onto his head..

“Oh sorry Caleb, here, let me help you up. Are you hurt ? ”

“No, it was fun. Let’s go again  ! 🙂 ”


Lots of turns later it was time to go home. Two tired little boys headed for the car.

“Are you sure you’re ok, Caleb? We’re still best friends aren’t we ?”


Click to solve their jigsaw

Happy Bank Holiday Everyone ! 🙂