Winter skating outfit finished !

The header photo is wishful thinking. It’s not spring or summer here. There are no flowers or even many leaves about. What it’s really like is more like this. Not quite as much snow though. We’re having ‘wintery showers’ which is a nice way of saying constant frozen drizzle. So I’ve had time to knit and luckily I’ve finished this one while the weather is still chilly 🙂



It’s knitted in Shetland 3/4 ply, in the round, up until the neck placket. The sleeves and toque hat are knitted in the round too so there are no seams.

It’s finished with braid and clasps to make a nice, generous neck opening and the toque has a little tassle.

Surprising who you meet in the forest isn’t it – and tame too 🙂

Click on the link for a wintery Sunday jigsaw



What’s been on the needles this week ?

Several things 🙂 . Most of them will stay on needles for months until the spirit moves me to finish them, but what I did manage to finish this week was one that I started about 3 years ago and then fell out of love with the colour. It’s a pale tangerine Shetland  wool cardigan with little cables, modelled today by my brown-eyed Pintucks.



She’s a later one, #3852 and her eyes should be stable. She’s also wearing a lovely pair of silk blend ‘shortalls’ ? and blouse by Frances Trickett and shoes and socks by Mary Sampson, aka Betsymay. It felt good to finish this cardigan finally and get the use of my needles back 🙂 !

The other thing I’ve been knitting is a reindeer jumper which will have Norwegian style braid and clasps when it’s finished. You’re seeing it when most of the thread-sewing-in has been done. These little knits take a couple of hours just to weave the threads in on the inside.





It doesn’t always go to plan…

I set out to knit a sweater dress this week…..but, after hours, days really, of knitting on fine dpns, inching very slowly upwards, I found when I’d cast off the neck that it was much too tight to go over Sasha’s head. I pulled it back. I cast off again and then found that the body was too tight and it was still a real struggle to get on and anyway it was too long in the body. I couldn’t face pulling it back again so now it’s one of many rejects that my girls get to keep. It has basic sleeves until I can muster the enthusiasm to finish them off. File that in the ‘live and learn’ box and move on…20170120_105110-002

I’m hoping I have learned something because now I’m making the next one wider, I’m going ‘top-down’ and leaving a small opening for buttons at the neck. Surely, this time !

Progress so far…………..

New Year, new knits ….

I hope you all had a good Christmas and are looking forward to a happy and healthy 2017 with all the creative and collecting opportunities that might hold.

After a very busy Christmas and New Year I couldn’t resist the urge to pick up the needles and make something.  There are so many things I want to knit this year, and maybe sew ? that whatever happens out there in non-Sasha-land, I’m really looking forward to this year 🙂