Another little Gotz joined us

…….Baby Simon  ❤ ….all the way from the Netherlands and he arrived in record time..two days, door to door !!

20170205_164720_richtonehdr-001Big sister Stella, who came to us last week, has taken him under her wing and has asked me to please make him some socks or find him some shoes because his little feet look cold. She’s right, he is dressed for warmer weather. He’ll have to borrow some for now though because that’s what happens to all the new kids for a little while.

Another, bigger kid came this week too. This little lad had been given to an Oxfam shop and they listed him on eBay which is where we found him, looking very neglected, cold and very dirty, with only a pair of crimplene pants, held up by a rubber band.


He had to come and live with us, we couldn’t leave him there, shivering on a cold desk

He arrived quickly too, we can’t complain about the post this week  🙂 and had a spa and a hairwash…(that wasn’t all good because quite a few hairs fell out but his hair was very dirty) and then dressed himself warmly in the ‘just arrived’ Greg jumper and corduroy trousers that everyone wears when they first arrive until Mum finds time to knit something just for them. Mum’s not sure what to make of him yet. His hair and eyes say 1969 but his stringing is white and brown so that makes him 1972-3. Hmm. In any case he’s a bit floppy so he’ll have new stringing soon.


Every new arrival gets their very own toy and this lad chose a wind-up robot that Mum was chuffed to find on the £1 table at last year’s SCW. He’s much, much happier and cosier today and is even sharing the babysitting with Stella tonight so he’s going to fit right in 🙂

Stella has her own outfit now (she only had to wait a week) and her original Gotz dress and clogs are stored away. She loves her new dress by Karen Warneka (via Aunty Shelly) and I knitted her a very quick hat to keep her hair tidy and her ears warm. Her boots are a good match for her dress in burgundy leather, by Gayle Rotheim.


This week’s jigsaw is dedicated to the new and almost new arrivals. Click on the link below to solve this one…



Please excuse the cat sleeping on her own furry blanket in the background. I didn’t spot her until it was too late .

New arrivals

Well, I said Baby Meike was the only Gotz doll in the family so far…..but not any more.

20170126_112410Yvette and Stella have joined us now, thanks to Aunty Shelly and as they arrived for their turn in the photobooth, Pintucks was just leaving from her photoshoot.

20170126_112331They were keen to ask her what it was like here. All Pintucks thought they needed to know was that there will be a lot of trying things on and then posing for the camera in tickly jumpers.

Well that’s true, but for now I just wanted to share their sweet faces with you….and Yvette’s amazing hair !! ❤


Featured girl of the day

Please meet a little 1969 waif who came to live with me through the kindness of a friend.


I haven’t given her a name but she deserves one, she’s a trouper and maybe you could suggest one for her.

She has her original flecked stringing which is still going strong and beautiful soft brown eyes and peachy lips, and today she’s looking lovely in a green velvet jacket by Frances Trickett, a sweet, tiny check dress by Ruth, and shoes by Rosie Bloom…..

…..and the other thing she’s wearing is a wig,  because she has lost most of her own hair.

She doesn’t mind though because she gets to wear all kinds of different wigs and look different every day. Who knows, she may be a blonde tomorrow….and then curly maybe.

She looks lovely to me in all of them and deserves a bit of the limelight. All she needs now is a name ……any ideas ? 🙂


Another little one joined us this week..

Baby Meike, a later, pale-skinned Gotz Sasha Baby has come to live with us. She’s BFFs already with Baby Angelo (it will do for now  🙂  ) and when the sun comes out again I’ll take better photos of her. She’s a gentle little thing with the sweetest face and she’s the only Gotz doll in the family…so far 🙂

Click this link to solve their jigsaw..


The Stork flew a very long way this time :)


All the way from Costa Rica….so you can guess who told the stork where to come 🙂

The very talented Jackie Rydstrom has let me adopt her latest re-rooted creation, and this time it’s the cutest little angel. He’s still adjusting to the temperature here but he’s made some cuddly friends until I can knit him something warm. He reminds me for all the world of a little putti or cherub…all he needs is some wings…



Angela arrives home

I think I can guess now who Joe has been sending notes to. Angela arrived home this week, she’s been on a long holiday with friends, and as usual all the boys offer to push her along in the sledge and bring her a blanket for her knees.

“Was it you, Cameron, who sent me the note ?”

20161209_111714“I don’t know about any note. Are you sure it was from one of us ?”20161209_111722

Joe is keeping his thoughts to himself……20161209_111537

“I don’t know about any note, but how do you like my new jumper ? Mum says these colours really suit me.”  What Cameron lacks in sensitivity he more than makes up for in self confidence   🙂