‘Some of the kids who never go out’ Jigsaw


Back row, from left to right: 21″ Shirley Temple look-alike composition/cloth girl Molly, Rag Doll with very long legs, Big Ted, Willow, a 26″ all bisque doll using a Dianna Effner Mould, Middle row: Bertie, a 14″ Kathe Kruse boy, Sally, an 18″ American Character ‘Petite’ composition and cloth doll, tiny Himstedt baby, Rodnoid baby, twin Armand Marseille sisters with Little Teds, Front row: Two teddies, Austrian celluloid girl and  three Sasha babies.

Click the link below to solve the jigsaw  🙂






New girl (Sally ?) has made friends

She is 18″ tall and has borrowed an outfit from Milly the Sasha Course doll. They are sharing a sofa and having a good old chat about all the houses they’ve lived in and all the little girls they have had tea parties with but neither of them can turn their head to look at the other so it’s a bit like having a chat on the ‘phone 🙂

Second new girl was altogether different

Taller, much older (but looks younger ..?!?) and has no clothes at all :O No name either but might be Sally ? We think she must be 80ish years old but she looks a lot younger so we need to find her something to wear that she might feel nice in. She’s the same size as a Sasha Course Doll…so let’s see if there’s anything in the Sasha wardrobe ….


The fair Frieda arrived <3

Frieda made up for the relentless and torrential rain this week. She is an 80’s Sasha given a very beautiful new lease of life by Kelly Wenarsky. She has stolen my heart completely and I’m sure you’ll be seeing her modelling knits on here soon 🙂 I might even get out the sewing machine and make something nice for her ….but it’ll never be as nice as this lovely outfit by Mary Sampson, aka Betsymay ❤

Sasha Celebration ….

I was so caught up in having a wonderful time that I didn’t take a single photo…but lots of other people did and they all had much better cameras so I can enjoy them all on FB now I’m home again. I won a cute Gotz bathing outfit for Baby  in the raffle and here he is trying it out for when the sun appears 🙂


Please say hello to Milly – my first Course Doll

Milly arrived wearing her lime green dungarees and a matching, stripy jumper and socks. She has (probably) a human hair wig and a very sweet, innocent face. She had no shoes to go with her lovely green corduroy coat and matching dress but she has a clever Auntie who knows how to make shoes so she’ll have some soon. Meanwhile I had fun making some very rough felt slippers for her on a wet afternoon 🙂 So this is Milly x