Another little one joined us this week..

Baby Meike, a later, pale-skinned Gotz Sasha Baby has come to live with us. She’s BFFs already with Baby Angelo (it will do for now  🙂  ) and when the sun comes out again I’ll take better photos of her. She’s a gentle little thing with the sweetest face and she’s the only Gotz doll in the family…so far 🙂

Click this link to solve their jigsaw..


The Stork flew a very long way this time :)


All the way from Costa Rica….so you can guess who told the stork where to come 🙂

The very talented Jackie Rydstrom has let me adopt her latest re-rooted creation, and this time it’s the cutest little angel. He’s still adjusting to the temperature here but he’s made some cuddly friends until I can knit him something warm. He reminds me for all the world of a little putti or cherub…all he needs is some wings…



Angela arrives home

I think I can guess now who Joe has been sending notes to. Angela arrived home this week, she’s been on a long holiday with friends, and as usual all the boys offer to push her along in the sledge and bring her a blanket for her knees.

“Was it you, Cameron, who sent me the note ?”

20161209_111714“I don’t know about any note. Are you sure it was from one of us ?”20161209_111722

Joe is keeping his thoughts to himself……20161209_111537

“I don’t know about any note, but how do you like my new jumper ? Mum says these colours really suit me.”  What Cameron lacks in sensitivity he more than makes up for in self confidence   🙂


‘Some of the kids who never go out’ Jigsaw


Back row, from left to right: 21″ Shirley Temple look-alike composition/cloth girl Molly, Rag Doll with very long legs, Big Ted, Willow, a 26″ all bisque doll using a Dianna Effner Mould, Middle row: Bertie, a 14″ Kathe Kruse boy, Sally, an 18″ American Character ‘Petite’ composition and cloth doll, tiny Himstedt baby, Rodnoid baby, twin Armand Marseille sisters with Little Teds, Front row: Two teddies, Austrian celluloid girl and  three Sasha babies.

Click the link below to solve the jigsaw  🙂